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One of the first steps when you learn bone carving - transferring design on to prepared bone

Transferring design onto prepared bone

Cutting the bone

Outline cut out

Cutting out the design

Detail cut out



Learn to Bone Carve eBook

(Note eBook = electronic downloadable printable book)


Carving bone is a rewarding and enjoyable craft that you can easily learn to do. All you need is good quality information and a few inexpensive hand tools (or power tools if you want to use them).


Whether you are just starting out, or you want to improve your carving skills, A Practical Guide to Bone Carving will show you what you need to know.


The book covers everything from obtaining the right type of bone, through to choosing the right equipment, and of course how to actually carve.


Within a short time you too will be able to transform worthless bone into precious jewellery, works of art or other useful items.


The ebook's easy to follow directions, diagrams and photos will show you step-by-step how to work with bone and create your own carvings. By following the process shown, you will be able to create finished works of a standard that you will be proud of.


Whether you are interested in traditional (NZ Maori, American Indian, Eskimo), period (antique) or contemporary bone carving, this book will show you what you need to know.


The ebook contains the same information as I have previously taught in my bone carving courses. Including all fundamental skills and knowledge, you will need to turn bone into pendants, jewellery or other items.


With A Practical Guide to Bone Carving and a few inexpensive tools you will be well on your way to giving bone carving a red hot go!


Invest just $10 US in the Guide to learn the right tools to buy for your level of expertise. This information could save you hundreds of dollars, that you might otherwise spend on unnecessary or wrong equipment.



A Practical Guide to Bone Carving is currently the only ebook on how to carve bone. It is also the only book that teaches an easy to follow step by step process for carving with hand tools. If you decide to use power tools for some or all of the process, this book will definately still provide you with valuable information on process and techniques.


If you buy another book that shows a better step by step process of carving bone using hand tools, I will refund 100% of the price you paid for this ebook . GUARANTEED!!


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The Guide includes information on:

  • The bare minimum equipment you will need to get started with your first bone carving. This chapter will prevent you from wasting money on the wrong equipment or equipment you don’t need.

  • The right bones for carving, including where to get them, how to select the best types, and preparing the bone for carving.

  • Creating designs that work. This chapter includes information on designing carvings that are visually appealing, easy to carve and robust enough for their intended purpose.

  • The physical process of carving bone, including cutting out, filing, sanding and polishing. These chapters contain detailed and valuable information on where to start, what to do and how to use the equipment.

  • Plus much more...

You don't have to be a spiritual person to experience the deeply satisfying, peaceful and meditative process of carving. It is magical how you can turn a simple piece of bone into a finished article that is like a precious stone.




If you are still not sure if A Practical Guide to Bone Carving will give you the skills and knowledge you need to create your own bone carvings, please let me know what it is you need! I'm happy to help.


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Read what the experts and other readers are saying...

Koru - an example of what you can do when you learn bone carving

For anyone interested in bone carving, this ebook , 'A Practical Guide to Bone Carving' offers simple, easily understood step-by-step instructions. For the beginner who has the desire to learn the art of bone carving as a hobby or simply for the personal pleasure found through artistic expression this is an excellent instruction book to have in your library.

Each aspect of the art of bone carving is covered from start to finish, beginning with acquiring the bone, the tools required and all processes involved. I believe you will find this ebook very helpful and informative.

Peter Plumb
Greenstone and Bone Carver
, New Zealand

I found this book to be very informative with a lot of suggestions that are not found on other carving websites. The list of tools and the breakdown into categories like ‘suggested’ and ‘must have’ are particularly useful.

Also of particular help was the suggestion of which bones to use. My focus is on creating useful historical items such as dice and needles for reenacting purposes and the information was easily presented in a way to be adaptable to my purpose. It is clear, concise but not so simple as to be of no use to those with some familiarity with carving.

Thanks for the help and ideas!

Pennsylvania, USA

The Guide is clear, easy to follow and it contains useful information on how get in to bone carving without spending a lot of money on tools and equipment.

Ryhope Village, UK

This book is easy to read and follow despite being a very technical craft. It covers so much of the art of carving and I especially found the suggestions of which bones to use and how to prepare them very useful. From the novice to the expert, no stone is left uncovered and the book's format does not leave you feeling bogged down in detail. Happy Bone Carving.

Brisbane, Australia